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Make your way through the 101 Best Restaurants list at these affordable places to eat

Bill Addison, Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • December 20, 2019

, revolving around carne asada, quesadillas in various configurations and guisados-filled chivichangas. For its carne asada, the kitchen uses mesquite-grilled short ribs, seasoned sparingly and chopped to smithereens. The beef is draped in salsa roja and

: slices of pastrami layered with sweet coleslaw and a slice of melted Swiss cheese on two pieces of double-baked rye bread slathered with Russian dressing. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times) Guisados (73) Is Guisados taking over Los Angeles? The De La Torre

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Taco Tuesday: Don Victor 2 is a wonderland of guisados

Brad A. Johnson • Orange County Register • August 13, 2019

Taqueria Don Victor No. 2 is a wonderland of tacos de guisado, or stew tacos. It’s also a great spot for carnitas.  The picture menu on the wall above the kitchen advertises more than 70 dishes, but there’s one off-menu item not pictured that you’ll

pork rinds are pressed into a block, sort of like head cheese, then crumbled and stewed, in this case with chile verde. It makes a terrific taco de guisado, and it makes an even better quesadilla, especially when it’s garnished with shredded lettuce and

Tamales Elena y Antojitos Brings Afro-Mexican Cuisine to the L.A. Area

Hailey Eber • Los Angeles Magazine • August 25, 2020

Elena Lorenzo Wonho Frank Lee The restaurant’s menu reflects that unique heritage with an emphasis on guisados (stews); pozoles that are especially thick; and tamales wrapped in banana leaves that have been passed over an open fire. Says Irra, who works

Here's all the great Mexican food from the 2019 101 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles list

Patricia Escárcega, Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • December 16, 2019

various configurations and guisados-filled chivichangas. 208 E. 8th St., Los Angeles, (213) 628-3710, A grilled steak taco and a chorizo taco at Sonoratown. (Silvia Razgova / For The Times) Burritos La Palma (15) In Zacatecas, Mexico, the

/carnitaselmomo Clockwise from the right: buche (slices of pork stomach), maciza (chopped pork shoulder), cuerito (pork skin) and carnitas mixtas tacos, which is a combination of all three, a.k.a. “Aporkalypse.” (Calvin B. Alagot / Los Angeles Times) Guisados (73

Taco Tuesday: These might be the best tacos in South Orange County

Brad A. Johnson • Orange County Register • July 30, 2019

ears, you name it.  The pork al pastor is always superb. So, too, the barbacoa. Just be aware that the barbacoa is messy as heck. It’s a spicy, fragrant guisado of meltingly tender beef, and it is ladled into your tortillas with a generous spoonful of

Newsletter: Countdown to the 101 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • December 7, 2019

(and stomachs). We started at Guisados in Boyle Heights, where we ordered one (or maybe two) of every taco. Next up, a nightcap of shrimp-stuffed tacos at the Mariscos Jalisco truck on Olympic Boulevard. The following morning, having overslept, we lined

Newsletter: Who should be making (and selling) tamales?

Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • December 21, 2019

Mexico tradition, and my mother, who can transform bubbling vats of guisados and hand-blended masa into pyramids of neatly stacked tamales in half a day or less. I’ve been thinking a lot about tamales this week. (One of my favorite foods, they are never

At Tirsa's Mexican Cafe, our critic considers colossal tortas and Flamin' Hot Cheeto sopes

Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • January 22, 2020

-black, are finished with onions and a squiggle of chipotle aioli; try them inside one of Nevarez’s freshly fried hard-shell tacos. Tacos, the only thing at Tirsa’s that aren’t spangled with creams and sauces, spotlight Nevarez’s talent with guisados

Máquina Taco review: Rib-eye, lobster and 'triparrón' tacos in Pasadena

Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • December 4, 2019

ceviche, a chunky, clean, mild salad boosted by ultra-fresh pico de gallo. Burritos are splendidly massive things brimming with guisados and cushioned against a not overly oppressive quantity of rice. Try the breakfast burrito, engineered so that every

Review: In Lakewood, our critic considers burnt cheese tacos and carne asada mac ’n’ cheese

Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • October 2, 2019

quantities of drippy, long-cooked guisados. The experience of eating it is half crunch, half suppleness, all salt and fat; a juggernaut of pleasure. Loaded tater tots at Chinito’s Tacos in Lakewood. (Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times) It’s tempting to ascribe