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L.A. restaurants with Mexican food delivery and takeout

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • April 3, 2020

toilet paper. The Q&A for this one alone is worth a click to the website. Pickup only. 2000 E. 7th St., Los Angeles, (213) 375-3300, Madre At his two locations, in Torrance and in Palms, Ivan Marquez has created microwavable meals

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Where to Get Your Cinco de Mayo Margaritas to Go

Brittany Martin • Los Angeles Magazine • May 4, 2020

Hollywood. Order on Casa Vega’s website or call 818-788-4868. $7-$30. Madre The agave specialists at Madre are supplementing their delivery and take-out food orders with a menu of cocktails to go. Enjoy micheladas, palomas, signature drinks, and, of course

, margaritas to go in six-, three-, or single-serving sizes. Order on Madre’s website for pickup or delivery from either location. $6-$38. Guelaguetza Oaxacan institution Guelaguetza is offering what it calls “happy hour margaritas” by the three-serving jar as

Review: Madre in Torrance goes deep on mezcal and wide on Oaxacan classics

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • March 28, 2019

At Madre in Torrance, Bryant Orozco hoists himself up on a stepladder to reach the top of four shelves lined with nearly 400 bottles of mezcal. Then he grabs a stack of the shallow clay Oaxacan cups called copitas for sipping mezcal, along with

— thick Oaxacan tortillas spread with pureed black beans and asiento (the browned drippings from rendered pork) and freckled with queso fresco and crumbled chorizo — arrive to provide ballast. Tlayuda is among the Oaxacan classics on Madre’s menu

Coronavirus shutdown dries up Oaxacan ingredients in L.A.

Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • May 1, 2020

Tuesday mornings used to be hectic for Ivan Vasquez, the owner of Madre, the sleek Oaxacan restaurant and bar with locations in Torrance and Palms. On those mornings, sometimes as early as 2 a.m., a truck hauling hundreds of pounds of Oaxacan

Oaxacan restaurants and markets outside of Mexico; many of these stake their reputations on the ingredients and products they source directly from Oaxacan purveyors. Ivan Vasquez, photographed at Madre in Torrance, says business at his two restaurants has

The best places to drink in LA

Bill Addison, Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • December 13, 2019

patio at Everson Royce Bar. (Michael Owen Baker / For The Times) Madre Ivan Vasquez operates two outposts of Madre: a scrunched 48-seater in Palms and a much larger operation in Torrance. The latter is a mind-expanding, call-a-rideshare destination for

mezcal seekers. Over 400 bottles line the bar’s shelves. Ask for bartender Bryant Orozco, who will grab a stack of shallow clay Oaxacan copitas and take you on a journey. Smoky, meaty, fruity, herby, smooth, ragged, jolting, calming: Mezcal, as Madre’s

What California reopening will look like, from food to retail

Sam Dean, Patricia Escárcega, Hugo Martín, Bill Shaikin, Ryan Faughnder • Los Angeles Times • May 6, 2020

easier. Ivan Vasquez of Madre, a Oaxacan restaurant and bar with locations in Torrance and Palms, is optimistic that his more casual restaurants can survive for at least a few months at 40% or 50% capacity — especially if he leans on high-margin alcohol

Review: At Fonda Mixcoac in Anaheim, order a cheesy 29-inch machete. Bring friends

Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • April 3, 2019

vegetarian machete from wilted, buttery flor de calabaza (squash blossoms); smoky rajas with epazote; or a thick spread of huitlacoche, the earthy, jet-black corn fungus that’s been a culinary staple in Mexico since pre-Columbian times. Review: Madre in

Eat the best beans you ever tasted in California at Verlaine, Jonathan Gold writes

Jonathan Gold • Los Angeles Times • November 3, 2017

, profoundly rich puddle of “salsa madre” — a red-wine sauce that has been kept going for many months on the stove-top — laps at the bird’s flank, not far from the burnt, collapsed hulk of half a Japanese eggplant and a vivid handful of pickles. You carve the

Review: Jonathan Gold goes to Bell for Rocio Camacho's take on a boozy Oaxacan taqueria

Jonathan Gold • Los Angeles Times • November 16, 2017

price — a shot of Wahaka Madre Cuishe is smoky and delicious, but it is also $32. You order the street corn, neatly bisected cobs blackened on the grill, squirted with cream, dusted with powdered chiles, perched on a haystack of shredded carrots that