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L.A. special occasion takeout and delivery recommendations

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • April 15, 2020

and red bean paste. Some of the 16 small dishes are hot, so eat this quickly, perhaps with one of the chilled bottles of sake you can order with your boxes. Pickup only. 3455 Overland Ave., Los Angeles, Shunji Nothing contained in a box can

match the unbridled omakases Shunji Nakao serves from his sushi bar, but the bentos he composes still communicate his creative essence. If you find yourself celebrating solo, this might be the ticket: Ten exquisite pieces of nigiri, the rice underneath

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New serious digs suit this L.A. sushi master

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • April 2, 2022

For eight years, from 2012 to 2020, Shunji occupied the wildest, most only-in-Los-Angeles location for a sushi bar possible: the Sawtelle restaurant operated out of a stuccoed 1930s-era building shaped like a soup bowl. Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs

was the previous tenant before Shunji Nakao took over the space, though over the decades it had also been home to a Mexican restaurant, a bar with the on-the-nose name of Roundhouse, a toy store and a real estate agency. It was originally constructed

What a trip to Tokyo reveals about L.A.'s sushi scene

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • May 4, 2023

relocated Shunji in Santa Monica among them — the spirit of Edomae has meant sidestepping showy garnishes and doubling down on time-honored techniques. In sushi traditions, the neta has never been just about “raw fish.” It’s about what best frames the

Shin Sushi review: A bright new star appears in an Encino strip mall

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • December 5, 2019

eat sushi. I mention West L.A.’s Shunji and its chef, Shunji Nakao. “Ah, Shunji!” Azumi says. “We play golf and drink together.” Sweet shrimp nigiri appears alongside miso soup simmered with shrimp shells; one spindly, beady-eyed head bobs in the bowl

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Eight great Japanese restaurants from The Los Angeles Times' 101 list: 2020 edition

Bill Addison, Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • December 21, 2020

startles with its precise and clean flavors. Shunji Nakao’s premium sushi box is a still-life of luxurious and immaculately prepared raw fish — buttery mackerel; firm, sweet kanpachi; the hard-to-find and beguilingly fatty blackthroat seaperch; springy

Where to dine in Southern California if you love tasting menus

Jonathan Gold • Los Angeles Times • February 3, 2017

for the tasting menu. 16101 Ventura Blvd., #255, Encino, (818) 646-6085, Shunji   Dishes from chef Shunji Nakao at his restaurant Shunji in West Los Angeles. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times) Dinner at Shunji, the playground of Shunji

. Pico Blvd. (near Centinela Avenue), Los Angeles, (310) 826-4737,  Spring  Magret de Canard, maple leaf duck breast, salsify, pear, yam and sauce dolce forte at Spring. (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times) Spring is one of the loveliest

L.A.’s dining timeline has gone through some major cultural ripples

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • January 3, 2020

: “A Ducasse disciple quitting his job at an haute-cuisine pop-up to serve charred octopus tacos on a downtown street corner? You’re not going to find cooking like this anywhere else but L.A.” Shunji Nakao, a longtime chef at Matsuhisa and a founder of

Asanebo, opens his Sawtelle restaurant Shunji in a funny-shaped building once home to a Chili Bowl. He puts forth an Angeleno style of omakase interspersed with ingenious vegetable dishes. Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis launch industrial-chic Bestia in

Jonathan Gold: Asanebo in Studio City elevates your state of being

Jonathan Gold • Los Angeles Times • May 1, 2015

, but sushi still seems almost beside the point. Asanebo’s founders, Shunji and Tetsuya Nakao, were among the original chefs at Matsuhisa. Shunji left a few years ago and ended up opening the restaurant Shunji on the Westside, one of the very best

What does it mean to be a chef in Los Angeles in 2017?

Jonathan Gold • Los Angeles Times • April 30, 2017

appetizer plate at Shunji Japanese Cuisine. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times) The atavistic longings of Angelenos may be less for the Cobb salads, chiffon cakes and French dip sandwiches actually invented in the city than for pho, avocado toast and the kind

An around-the-world tour with 6 great rice salads in L.A.

Jonathan Gold • Los Angeles Times • May 27, 2014

Korean rice salad is probably hwe dup bap, which involves cubes of raw fish, dried seaweed, chopped greens and more of that sweet, funky gojuchang, tossed in bowls as big as hubcaps. Would the fish at A-Won pass muster at Shunji? Does hwe dup bap