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L.A. special occasion takeout and delivery recommendations

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • April 15, 2020

family meals with multiple choices. Delivery or pickup. 1314 7th St., (310) 393-6699, Crustacean Helene An’s garlic noodles have been famous for decades. She developed the recipe in the 1970s at her family’s first restaurant, Thanh Long in

San Francisco, combining Vietnamese traditions with the spaghetti aglio e olio she tried in the city’s North Shore Italian restaurants (and thought she could improve upon). She brought the recipe to Los Angeles with Crustacean in 1997. Currently you

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The Kickin' Crab Joins the Crustacean Nation

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • February 3, 2011

Kickin' Crab's shrimp and crawfish is to taste the same amalgamation of butter, garlic, lemon and Cajun seasoning the Boiling Crab has proven to be magical when applied to an entire subphylum of crustaceans. The sauce is also marvelous when dribbled over

, shrimp and celery that manages to maintain its integrity. So is the Kickin' Crab as good as the Boiling Crab? Damn straight. And yes, for now, there are no lines.   This review appeared in print as “Crustacean Nation: A new Vietnamese-Cajun seafood joint

Pioneer Chef Helene An Says It’s Time L.A. Got to Know High-End Vietnamese Food

Hailey Eber • Los Angeles Magazine • September 11, 2019

her signature dishes—buttery, comforting garlic noodles with crab—was born. In 1997 the Ans opened Crustacean in Beverly Hills, and it quickly established itself as a celebrity favorite. Earlier this year, the Smithsonian honored Helene for bringing

passing the torch to Crustacean’s 32-year-old executive chef, Tony Nguyen, with whom she has been developing the Da Lat Rose menu. While Crustacean is more of an Asian fusion restaurant, Da Lat Rose, which is located upstairs, will be focused on elevating

Spying Charlie Palmer's N Complaining About Crustacean

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • December 11, 2008

Palmer's, across the same hallway, Crustacean is slated to open in the spring. This makes no sense to me. But I suppose as long as there are people who are willing and able to drop coin on Bloomingdales' overpriced wares, there will be customers who will do

the same on Crustacean's overpriced Vietnamese food — all the while oblivious that Little Saigon lies just a few exits away on the 405. Normally, I'd save my ire until I try a place, but about eight years ago I had the displeasure of eating at the

Don't Let Crustacean's Glitzy Reputation Scare You Away From AnQi

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • December 24, 2009

Shell GameDonNt let CrustaceanNs glitzy reputation scare you away from the fun, inventive fare at AnQi LetNs just say my visit to Helene AnNs Crustacean in Beverly Hills was memorable for the wrong reasons. I was just out of college and wanted to

commercial for Crustacean. And it worked on me. There was a meandering koi pond set beneath the flooring and a touted secret kitchen, which was protected behind metal—a room to which only An family members privy to the proprietary recipes have access. And

SCP's Crustacean Will Now Be Called AnQi N Slated to Open Winter 2009

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • November 4, 2009

Crustacean at South Coast Plaza, the long-planned sequel to the much-hyped and oh-so-trendy Vietnamese Beverly Hills restaurant that I love to complain about (let's just say that I've never paid so much to be ignored by the wait staff and

Faka’s Island Grill Brings the Aloha to Santa Ana’s 4th Street Market

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • November 20, 2019

that North Shore food truck’s; he layered on the minced garlic so generously the shrimp wore it as a coat. The sauce that enrobed each shell-on crustacean was a bona-fide emulsion, an upgrade from Giovanni’s greasy slick of olive oil that happens to

Review: Luv2eat is one of Hollywood's essential Thai restaurants

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • March 5, 2020

of a crustacean pokes out of a lemon-colored curry fragrant with lemongrass, galangal, Makrut lime zest and a whiff of shrimp paste. Don’t want to wrench apart a sauce-drenched crab? There’s an equivalent made with boneless fish. Former colleague

Luv2eat Thai Bistro   

Review: Henry’s is the most ambitious restaurant Huntington Beach has seen in years, or maybe ever

Brad A. Johnson • Orange County Register • August 8, 2019

Does the three-second rule apply to customers?  That’s the very serious question racing through my mind as I’m dining at Henry’s in Huntington Beach.  I’ve just dropped a prawn on the floor of the dining room. Unexpectedly slippery, the crustacean

Angler, a luxury seafood restaurant in the Beverly Center, is worth the hunt

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • September 12, 2019

no pleasure quite like beautifully presented seafood, when the ideal firmness and sweetness of every fish or mollusk or crustacean has been individually considered, the most flattering preparations for each of them mastered. That’s happening here. The