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L.A.’s 15 best dishes of 2019

Bill Addison, Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • December 26, 2019

. 1320 E. 7th St., Suite 126, Los Angeles, (213) 395-0607, King mackerel and rice in a copper pot with yuzu zest at Hayato. (Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times) Lime pie, Fiona Fiona, a bakery and cafe by pastry virtuoso Nicole Rucker

struggled financially. Fiona closed in August. Was it the location on a nebulous stretch along Fairfax? Or the odd-couple duo of Rucker’s desserts with chef Shawn Pham’s eclectic (and, to my taste, enjoyable) menu? Probably both, among other factors. As a

Colapasta    Kra Z Kai's BBQ    La Diosa de los Moles    Nightshade    Spoon & Pork    Tacos y Birria La Unica    Bulgarini Gelateria    Tacos 1986    Yang's Kitchen    Spoon By H 7158 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles    Pasjoli    Porridge + Puffs    Bon Temps    Hayato    Fiona   

Review: Fiona showcases pie queen Nicole Rucker’s baking talents, and so much more

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • January 10, 2019

Nicole Rucker dollops so much whipped cream atop her Key lime pie that the white billow hovers above it like a lazy cloud. Aesthetically and otherwise, this pie stands tall among the panorama of pastries on display at her new restaurant, Fiona. The

be chastised for treating the place like a pie shop, Fiona, as with so many of Los Angeles’ most compelling modern restaurants, intentionally skirts easy categorization. Q&A: Get to know Bill Addison, one of The Times’ new restaurant critics » It sits

3 Notable L.A. Restaurants to Try in March

Hailey Eber • Los Angeles Magazine • February 28, 2020

and coriander—that steal the show. 4666 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz.  Fat & Flour Following the closing of Fiona in late 2019 after less than a year in operation, city treasure Nicole Rucker returns. Her new pie shop in Grand Central Market features the

Nicole Rucker’s Famous Baked Goods Will Reappear in L.A. Tomorrow

Brittany Martin • Los Angeles Magazine • December 20, 2019

Fans of pastry chef Nicole Rucker have had to muddle through life without the taste of her delectable baked goods since August, when her restaurant Fiona shut down operations. But, just in time for the holidays, she’s sating our desires with a

Best pop-up restaurants of the 101: 2020 edition

Bill Addison, Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • December 9, 2020

Fairfax restaurant Fiona last year and in the approachable wisdom of her fruit-focused cookbook “Dappled,” Nicole Rucker has secured her reputation as the brightest star in the L.A. pie universe. With her current pop-up stand in Grand Central Market, the

Has the curse on a storied Melrose restaurant space finally lifted?

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • July 6, 2019

are driving L.A.’s culinary conversation forward. Behold: Lucas Kwan Peterson’s official spicy snack power rankings. I’m a fan of Nicole Rucker’s Key lime pie at her bakery-restaurant, Fiona; Genevieve Ko has the recipe (including a smart bar variation

Review: In Boyle Heights, Lebanese dishes with a Oaxacan accent

Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • January 10, 2019

on the menu as papas preparadas), are also very good, both dishes skillfully fried to a crisp, brittle consistency. Review: Fiona showcases pie queen Nicole Rucker’s baking talents, and so much more » Oaxacan Hummus made from whipped black beans and

Chipotle Releases Another Anti-Factory Farming Commercial

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • September 14, 2013

from his own garden, chops it by hand, cooks it himself on a stove and starts, well, what looks like a Chipotle burrito stand. All the while, Fiona Apple croons “Pure Imagination” from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. It's a good film and