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Where to find the best Persian restaurants in Los Angeles

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • August 6, 2019

crowned with crimson barberries. 1712 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, (310) 474-1410, shamshiri.com Worthy stops beyond restaurants: Sangak at Wholesome Choice A shopper at Wholesome Choice in Irvine carts away two large pieces of sangak, an Iranian whole

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Wholesome Choice VS. Hen House Grill

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • May 5, 2011

As Gustavo said in his review, “It's a bold move to open an Iranian restaurant in Irvine next to Wholesome Choice, the garden of grocery delights whose buffet beats most of the county's Persian eateries”, but that's exactly what Hen House Grill did

. So today we compare and contrast one single dish from both: the beef koobideh, arguably the most popular dish at  Wholesome Choice's Persian counter. I walked into Hen House, ordered their beef koobideh, a dish not actually listed on their menu

New Anaheim Hills Wholesome Choice Expected To Open Tomorrow

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • March 26, 2009

For those in Anaheim Hills waiting in anticipation for a taste of freshly baked sangak bread, I have an update on Wholesome Choice, the Persian-market-cum-Whole-Foods-cum-International-Food-Court that will be opening in your neighborhood.  As you

Wholesome Choice to Open New Store in Anaheim Hills

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • December 16, 2008

We have great tipsters*. Jerry de Vera is no exception. He sent me these pictures of his sighting, and it's a big one: A new location of Wholesome Choice, that Persian-market-cum-Whole-Foods-cum-International-Food-Court. He writes: “I noticed

construction at this former Albertson's on my way to a Vietnamese restaurant located a few doors down. It's located in Anaheim Hills at the corner of Imperial Highway and La Palma, just north of the 91 Freeway.” “I am a big fan of the Irvine Wholesome Choice

A Reader's First Impressions of the New Anaheim Hills' Wholesome Choice

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • April 7, 2009

A week ago I reported on the soft-opening of the Wholesome Choice in Anaheim Hills. In the post I asked our readers who went for their impressions. One came through with a detailed review. Since most of you probably missed it, I will reprint J

same building. The only real bummer…I was looking forward to smelling that fantastic bread baking when I walked in, and leaving with more than an armful. Oh well, hopefully soon. Wholesome Choice. 5755 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807

Now Open: Louie’s by the Bay and MORE!

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • January 28, 2019

Crepe has opened in the Wholesome Choice food court in Irvine. Both sweet and savory crepes are offered, starting at $6.99. 18040 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92612 A new build-your-own poke bowl restaurant called Poki Cat has opened in Mission Viejo. It’s part

Now Open: Two New AYCE Shabu Shabus and MORE!

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • March 12, 2018

restaurant specializes in seafood sandwiches such as shrimp banh mi with Chinese sausage. 201 E 4th St. Ste 136, Santa Ana, CA 92701 Wow Wa K-Pop Food has opened inside Wholesome Choice supermarket in Irvine. Items include spicy seafood noodle (jjampong) and

Kingfu Master Opens in Irvine

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • December 24, 2015

One of our most prolific tipsters sent me an e-mail that a new restaurant has moved into the old Irvine location of Hen House, next to Wholesome Choice on Culver and Michelson.  The place, it turns out, is called Kingfu Master. No, not Kung Fu

noodles, rice noodles, knife-cut noodles, egg noodles, or its house noodle), and a side dish. The owner of the Kingfu Master also happens to own E + Boba, which just opened inside the Wholesome Choice foodcourt itself a few months ago. 

Now Open: Porto’s Bakery in Buena Park and MORE!

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • February 27, 2017

Tapatio-and-lime. 4800 Irvine Blvd., Irvine, CA 92620 Speaking of Zion Market, the Korean supermarket chain has opened Zion Mart in Irvine, at the location of what was formerly Farm Direct, the Wholesome Choice spin-off. 5331 University Dr., Irvine, CA

Farm Direct Market Opens in Irvine; Grand Opening Thursday

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • February 4, 2014

In Irvine, Persians and non-Persians know that when it comes to sangak–that stretchy, crisp, wide-as-a-cape flatbread that's baked on a rotating oven lined with smooth stones–you've got Wholesome Choice at the corner of Culver and Michelson and

you've got everyone else. But if one Wholesome Choice producing fresh sangak is good; two is better. Wholesome Choice has opened an affiliated supermarket just one exit away on Jeffrey, also on Michelson, where Ralphs used to be. ] The new market is