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Where to get Passover takeout and delivery in L.A.

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • April 2, 2020

), flourless chocolate brownies ($22 for four) and gluten-free coconut macaroons ($20 for eight). Call or email catering@huckleberrycafe.com with 72 hours’ notice to order. 1014 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, (310) 451-2311, www.huckleberrycafe.com Jar (Beverly

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Best thing I drank: A week’s worth of cocktails to-go, including a purple drank

Brad A. Johnson • Orange County Register • March 24, 2021

jars. The first one that catches my eye is something called Mariposa Effect. It looks like that “purple drank,” a recreational drug-beverage popular with the private-jet rapper-and-pop star crowd, except the Mariposa Effect doesn’t contain prescription

the heck. Turns out it’s actually delicious, not as sweet as the electric violet hue suggests. I also grab a couple of jars labeled Uno Mas, a milky-pinkish beverage made with mezcal, grapefruit, lime, cherry liqueur and serrano chile. These remind me

Notes of red wine and nutmeg? This black pepper is an epiphany

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • January 30, 2021

. I’d assumed all food obsessives like Deno already knew about the company and that I was the one late to the party, having bought my first jar of peppercorns (already gone) a few months back from DTLA Cheese. I’m now a believer. Enjoying this newsletter

black pepper, though. It is harvested by hand on a family farm in Thirunelly, an inland village in Kerala, the southwestern state that is one of the world’s lushest and most startlingly beautiful spice regions. I took the lid off the jar and it smelled

A Luxe New Delivery Concept Is Taking Takeout Up a Notch

Heather Platt • Los Angeles Magazine • March 10, 2021

potatoes with basil, are presented warm in elegant glass jars. USDA Prime and American Wagyu steaks ($69 to $139) must be seared for a minute on each side, yielding a perfectly cooked rib eye or filet. Meals even include a heavy steak knife to keep, and, if

Brothers Meatballs Is Redefining Italian Comfort Food in Hollywood

Josh Lurie • Los Angeles Magazine • March 17, 2021

cushioned banquette, hung family photos in orange frames, and lined blue shelves behind the bar with canned and jarred sauces and olive oils. Of course choosing the right meat was vital for a meatball concept. “Flavor and texture were huge parts of our

Review: Where to find the best margaritas to-go in Orange County

Brad A. Johnson • Orange County Register • January 14, 2021

tequila. Pineapple is the dominant flavor, with a strong undercurrent of cilantro. Might sound strange, but it’s actually quite good. Sold in 12-ounce jars, $25. 4143 Campus Drive, Irvine, 949-596-8881; 7631 Edinger Ave., Huntington Beach, 714-230-3955

. The to-go version doesn’t come with that fancy salt, but it does come with dehydrated limes for garnish. Sold in 8-ounce jars, $16. 31761 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, 949-218-5140, mayfieldoc.com Margaritas to-go from Mayfield in San Juan

Yes, the New Casa Barilla at South Coast Plaza Is Run By the Same Company That Makes Jarred Sauce

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • February 28, 2018

Photo by Edwin Goei Just as most people, I always have a jar of marinara and a box of spaghetti in my pantry. The brand I happen to have in stock at the moment is Barilla. It’s not always the case, but my point is that I’m never more than 15 minutes

uniformed chefs preparing food in a brightly lit open kitchen. Photo by Edwin Goei “Preparing” is the key word here; “cooking” is too strong a term. Not only is the marinara presumably the same stuff from the jars (though the menu says it’s “freshly made

Mexico City Chef Enrique Olvera Goes Casual at DTLA’s Ditroit

Andy Wang • Los Angeles Magazine • January 21, 2021

heat to beef tacos. Chef Enrique Olvera Aracelli Paz Beyond tacos, Ditroit debuted with flautas, tamales, amaranth horchata, paletas, churros, cocktails, bottles of wine from Damian, jarred salsas, and even fresh masa to take home. But one recent week

A Look Back at How 101 Coffee Shop Became Part of Movie History

Jared Cowan • Los Angeles Magazine • January 7, 2021

reply was always, “It’s no longer there.” 101 Coffee Shop in 2014 Jared Cowan In the state of current affairs it’s hard for Liman to equate his emotions of the 101’s closing with Swingers. “I can’t really separate it from the pandemic. My emotion about

. “Come June I probably would have closed the doors anyway,” says Ebbink. Longtime landlords Mel and Bernie Adler could not be reached for comment. Follow Jared on Twitter at @JaredCowan1. 

Review: Easiest DIY pasta night ever

Brad A. Johnson • Orange County Register • December 3, 2020

First the toilet paper vanished. Next it was everything in the soup and pasta aisles, including all the jarred marinara sauces and every shape of noodle except angel hair. Apparently, people don’t like angel hair, even when it’s literally the only