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The best Italian subs in Los Angeles

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • March 14, 2020

Giamela’s Mr.G’s Sandwich at Giamela’s Submarine Sandwiches in the Atwater Village. (Gabriella Angotti-Jones / Los Angeles Times) If you’re going to eat this sandwich, you need to eat it within eight minutes of it landing in your hands. Otherwise, it will

end up in your lap. While other subs may marinate, mature and settle the longer you let them sit, the Giamela’s sub turns to mush. This is not necessarily a knock against it, just an important data point when you’re planning your lunch. For the Mr. G’s

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A Lot of the Best Pastrami in Town Comes from This One Supplier in the Valley

Jason Kessler • Los Angeles Magazine • November 11, 2020

the town in the deli-meat business,” says 48-year-old owner Matt Giamela. In 1958, Alex Russak opened a 5,000-square-foot factory focusing almost exclusively on Jewish deli cuts. The company started working with Langer’s in the 1960s, and other

by rubbing the exterior of the pastrami with a dense coating of black pepper and secret spices. The Giamela family bought RC Provisions in 2000 and has focused on expanding the business, which has dozens of employees processing tens of thousands of

The story behind why some Italian delis serve sandwich relish.

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • March 14, 2020

pressure to put lettuce on the sandwiches,” Palilla said of his subs, which come heaped with chopped tomatoes, onions and pickles. “But the day I put lettuce on I will no longer be in business.” Matt Giamela, owner of Giamela’s Subs and RC Provisions, said

his dad started putting cubed vegetables on sandwiches in the ‘60s, “because it fit better.” “My dad moved from New Jersey to Burbank in the 1950s and would get subs at Santoro’s,” Giamela said. “He missed the New Jersey subs he used to get back home