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Hall of Fame restaurants: These all-time modern classics are quintessential L.A.

Bill AddisonRestaurant Critic • Los Angeles Times • December 7, 2022

for all time. Here are 14 peerless modern classics that earned a spot this year in our Hall of Fame, plus the 10 inaugural inductees from our first 2019 list, which was on hiatus during the pandemic. 2022 Hall of Fame Pick up a bean-and-cheese burrito

All Time in Los Feliz serves comfort foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • November 14, 2019

Los Angeles newcomers always remember their first Southern California tremor. Mine happened while eating breakfast at All Time in Los Feliz on Independence Day this year. The ground went wavy beneath us and my friend Hillary, also a recent

. A perfect, surreal initiation. All Time winds up being an apt setting for this kind of moment. It captures a certain sense of place, and not only in its hefty breakfast burritos or seasonal salads served in vintage mixing bowls. Nearly two years ago

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'The Bucket List': Who makes the best dumplings in L.A.?

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • August 15, 2022

” showcases the best food in Los Angeles and beyond with a focus on a single dish. Last season was all about excellent fried chicken. This season, which premieres Aug. 28, is devoted to one of my favorite food groups of all time: dumplings. Almost every

Where to find the best dim sum in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • October 24, 2022

Dim sum is one of my all-time favorite meals. It’s a style of dining that originated in Canton, now Guangzhou, in southern China, where my family is from. It involves a series of small dishes, including dumplings, typically eaten for breakfast and

5½ hours and 10 bowls of pasta with Alison Brie

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • August 30, 2022

favorite places to eat, in addition to that day’s visits: “The obsession with Found Oyster is so real,” she says. She also frequents All Time in Los Feliz for the blueberry muffins and other pastries, Kismet and Kismet Rotisserie on Sunset Boulevard, Night

What happens when a restaurant worker gets COVID-19?

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • January 13, 2021

chefs at All Time, the Los Feliz restaurant the couple opened in 2018, came through. The chef called to say an employee, who had been out for a couple of days, had tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Soon after they hung up, the couple called the

restaurant. They had to make hard decisions, and they had to make them quickly. “You can’t just say, let’s finish out the day,” Tyler said. In the middle of a busy Sunday, with dozens of orders in the works, the couple made the decision to shut down All Time

¿Qué ocurre cuando un empleado de un restaurant tiene COVID-19?

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • January 15, 2021

llamada de uno de los chefs de All Time, el restaurante en Los Feliz que la pareja abrió en 2018. El empleado llamaba para decirles que un compañero de trabajo, que había estado fuera durante un par de días, había dado positivo por el nuevo coronavirus

pedidos en proceso, la pareja tomó la decisión de cerrar All Time. De las 10 personas que trabajan en los dos espacios adyacentes que maneja el restaurante cerca de la esquina de Los Feliz Boulevard y Price Street, los Wells le pidieron a un cocinero y a

Review: Stella Jean’s reimagines the ice cream rainbow

Brad A. Johnson • Orange County Register • May 5, 2021

marshmallows catch fire and turn completely black. To this day, that remains not just a favorite childhood memory but also one of my all-time favorite flavors. I wasn’t expecting to find that flavor in an ice cream, but Stella Jean’s in Costa Mesa has captured

Critic’s Notebook: Sneak peek at the 75 Best Places to Eat 2022

Brad A. Johnson • Orange County Register • May 4, 2022

in Orange County. It publishes June 2 online, June 3 in print for subscribers only. What I’ve been up to: I’ve been dining nonstop, desperately trying to make up for all the time lost during the pandemic. I anonymously revisited all the restaurants

L.A. to Vegas: Masks Are Off And The Rams Invade Vegas

Joe Siyam • Los Angeles Magazine • February 18, 2022

most decorated gymnast of all time, and her boyfriend, Houston Texans safety, Jonathan Owens, headed to The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails, the hidden cocktail lounge and music venue at The Cosmopolitan, with a group of friends around midnight where they