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Chez Panisse reimagined the way we eat. Is that enough?

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • August 19, 2021
On Aug. 28, 1971, a 27-year-old former Montessori teacher named Alice Waters opened a restaurant on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley. Waters had studied abroad in France six years earlier and, back home, longed to emulate the notions of hospitality and...

Review: This new Irvine ramen shop is a real tongue pleaser

Brad A. Johnson • Orange County Register • August 19, 2021
The great ramen swarm continues. More than a half dozen additional ramen shops have opened in Orange County in the past six months, and the most impressive of this new crop is Gyutan Ramen in Irvine’s University Center. “Gyutan” is the Japanese...

When is a nugget not a nugget? (And which one is best?)

• Los Angeles Times • August 18, 2021

A Tour of Little Armenia’s Best Baked Goods

Danny Palumbo • Los Angeles Magazine • August 18, 2021
That Armenian bakeries sell substantial and savory breads for two dollars is an incredible service to the many people who have irrevocably screwed up their lives by moving to Los Angeles. For everybody who moved here and fell flat on their face;...

The Future of Dining in Downtown Los Angeles Is Looking Bright

Hailey Eber • Los Angeles Magazine • August 18, 2021
While COVID-19 was uniquely devastating to downtown Los Angeles, a number of exciting restaurant openings are rejuvenating the area. At the close of the summer, Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne are set to unveil two long-awaited concepts in the...

Bicyclette Makes West L.A. Feel Like the Left Bank

Heather Platt • Los Angeles Magazine • August 17, 2021
With their latest, Bicyclette, acclaimed République chefs Walter and Margarita Manzke have re-created Paris on Pico Boulevard, albeit with California produce. “While the food may be done in a way that is a bit contemporary and farm-to-table, it’s...

Taco Tuesday: Pork al pastor on made-to-order blue corn tortillas

Brad A. Johnson • Orange County Register • August 17, 2021
Just inside the front door of the new Carmelita’s Taqueria and Grill in Dana Point, a large mechanical tortilla press spits out flattened, blue-black rounds of masa, which get grabbed by a cook with Teflon fingers and slapped onto a hot circular...

A K-Town-Adjacent Stand Is Serving Yummy Mashups of Asian Sausage Traditions

Josh Lurie • Los Angeles Magazine • August 16, 2021
A masked chef named Steve Cho tends to a griddle crackling with oil beneath a red pop-up tent just outside a strip mall parking lot. Sausages and hot dogs sizzle alongside jalapeños. Cho stirs corn kernels and cream with a spoon in a shallow pan...

Greenblatt’s Deli, One of L.A.’s Oldest Businesses, Closes Up Shop

Chris Nichols • Los Angeles Magazine • August 12, 2021
After a century of serving up wine, lox, and kosher salami, the owners of one of the city’s oldest businesses will hang up their aprons for good tonight. Greenblatt’s Delicatessen, loved by generations of movie stars, night clubbers, and tourists...

Review: Chang’An is the most lavish Chinese restaurant in Southern California, but is it worth it?

Brad A. Johnson • Orange County Register • August 12, 2021
When I ask, “How much is the live crab?” The response I hear is $90. So I say, “Great, I’ll order that for the table.” I’m on the phone booking a reservation at Chang’An, a new Chinese restaurant in Tustin. Several of the kitchen’s signature items...