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Alternative meat taste test

• Los Angeles Times • October 24, 2021

We tried more than 25 alternative proteins. These were the best (and worst)

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • October 24, 2021
There is an entire universe of alternative proteins that mimic beef, chicken, pork and fish. There’s even a hunk of mycelium (the fibers that make up nature’s fungal network) created to look, feel and taste like a chicken breast. What follows are...

Restaurants serving plant-based meat

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • October 24, 2021
A decade ago, when you wanted a veggie burger for dinner, you could probably find a restaurant serving a patty made from mashed beans, rice and mushrooms. There were no menu items listing plant-based chicken or deli meat. Now, a growing number of...

Agnes brings witty cooking, cheese counter to Old Pasadena

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • October 15, 2021
To surrender into the flow of Agnes — an ambitious, ever-crowded, 4-month-old restaurant and market on a bustling block in Old Pasadena — order the dish that best embodies its rhythm and wit: loaded baked potato dumplings. The dumplings are...

Michael Mina to open a healthy eating Hollywood restaurant

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • October 14, 2021
Diners frequently make special dietary requests at Michael Mina’s 40-plus restaurants around the country. The asks for something that is gluten-free, dairy-free or plant-based prompted Mina, a Michelin-starred chef, and Mina Group President Patric...

Review: Hanuman takes Thai dining upscale in Costa Mesa

Brad A. Johnson • Orange County Register • October 14, 2021
The velvet banquettes, the custom wallpaper, the teak wood carvings and hand-stenciled cement floors, plus truly beautiful china and serving wares: Hanuman in Costa Mesa is easily the prettiest Thai restaurant in Orange County. The food, too, is...

This New Culver City Hot Spot Is Hoping to Be the Life of Every Party

Hailey Eber • Los Angeles Magazine • October 13, 2021
At Etta, the new restaurant in the Shay, a soon-to-open hotel, there’s a $65 menu item named “Porrón & a Polaroid.” It involves an entire bottle of wine (or the equivalent in margaritas) poured into a thin-spouted pitcher known as a porrón, plus a...

8 L.A. Pizza Places That Beat Anything in Brooklyn

Heather Platt • Los Angeles Magazine • October 11, 2021
For Daniel Holzman, it all comes down to the water temperature. When the native New Yorker makes the dough at his recently opened Danny Boy’s Famous Original Pizza in downtown Los Angeles, he uses water that is precisely 41 degrees Fahrenheit....

Where to eat, buy and learn about dates in Southern California

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • October 9, 2021
This week Christian Reynoso delves deep into the farming and culinary culture around dates in Southern California. He visits the Bautista Family Organic Date Ranch in Mecca, Calif. (and makes a persuasive argument for traveling to the Coachella...

Two Howlin’ Rays Cooks Flew the Coop and Opened a Hot Chicken Joint of Their Own

Harry Levin • Los Angeles Magazine • October 7, 2021
When San Fernando Valley natives Louis Silva and Brandon Waldrop first started slinging Nashville-style hot chicken in a parking lot on Vineland Avenue back in March, they traded shifts cooking and kept customers abreast of their irregular hours...