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Take-Out Tip of the Day: Margaritas and Margheritas at Ronan

Hailey Eber • Los Angeles Magazine • April 2, 2020

Can’t decide whether to treat yourself to pizza or tequila tonight? Go for both. The truly lovely West Hollywood pizza spot Ronan is offering a $25 margarita/margherita combo every day from 4 to 7 p.m. It promises to be as delicious as it is punny

RONAN (@ronan_la) on Mar 14, 2020 at 9:27am PDT If you love Ronan as much as we do, consider buying a gift card. The restaurant is taking part in One More Helping, an initiative launched by Los Angeles and Wagstaff Media & Marketing. For every gift card


6 great pizza places in Los Angeles

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • July 13, 2019

, also at 800 West Coast Highway, Newport Beach, (949) 945-1126, Ronan Like other food-obsessed Angelenos, I too miss the pizzas at Sotto, Steve Samson’s Pico-Robertson restaurant that closed abruptly in January. Daniel Cutler was

Sotto’s chef de cuisine for a while, and the pizzas at Ronan, where he is chef and co-owner, enter the lineage of Los Angeles greats. Composed pizzas assert plenty of assured creativity and wordplay: How ’Nduja Want It? balances the soft, smeary sausage

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Review: Ronan makes stellar pizzas and a whole lot more

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • April 25, 2019

Does the notion of a calzone crossed with a French dip sandwich sound like sheer gimmickry? Daniel Cutler runs with the idea and manages to transcend hokum at his Fairfax restaurant Ronan. He appears so confident in the deliciousness of his creation

charms every person I bring here. The dish summarizes the endearingly goofy wit (puns abound on the menu) and the Angeleno pride that Cutler ingrains in his cooking. The “Philippe” calzone, upper left, and other dishes at Ronan. (Mariah Tauger / Los

I thought one of my favorite L.A. restaurants had closed forever. It's back

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • February 26, 2022

community for budding entrepreneurs.” Stephanie Breijo reports on the promising opening of Pizzeria Sei — from William Joo, a veteran of Providence, Ronan and Pizzana, and his wife Jenn So — and other openings around the metro area. Ben Mims makes the case

The best things to eat at Coachella 2022 weekend 2

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • April 20, 2022

to $8). Just across the walkway you’ll find leopard-spotted pies from the Melrose Avenue pizzeria Ronan ($18 to $21). The White Lightning, smeared with ricotta and painted with chiles and torn basil, is a favorite. Ask for a side of ranch, honey or

How one L.A. restaurant is facing the coronavirus pandemic

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • March 18, 2020

At 10:08 on Monday morning, Caitlin and Daniel Cutler pulled their Jeep Cherokee into the parking lot of Ronan, their Melrose Avenue Italian restaurant. Their 7-month-old daughter McKenna sat smiling in a car seat in the back. On any other Monday

scribbled a to-do list. On it were “rent,” “to-go staffing?” and “looting/riots.” “We have to figure all that out today,” she said. A little more than 12 hours earlier the restaurant was almost full; Ronan was hosting its twice-a-month retro Italian American

The next time you order takeout, call the restaurant

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • March 3, 2021

What can you buy with $35,000? A house in some parts of the country. Or a new Mustang with a high-performance package. For Caitlin and Daniel Cutler, that’s one-third of a year’s rent at Ronan, their Melrose Avenue Italian restaurant. It’s also what

their food to takeout customers. (In December, delivery apps accounted for 74% of Ronan’s business.) So the Cutlers did what some in need of a good vent did: They posted their frustrations on Instagram. Advertisement “We just got our year-end financials

What is cacio e pepe? Best recipes from Rome to the U.S.

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • July 28, 2021

would be the only one that sold. Still, he says, even as a secret menu item, he ends up making 20-plus a night. For Ronan owners Daniel and Caitlin Cutler, the addition of a cacio e pepe risotto to the menu was a fortunate byproduct of quarantine. They

it is.” Cacio e pepe risotto served at Ronan restaurant. (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times) The Cutlers were looking to switch up their stinging nettle risotto with a flavor profile that would be instantly recognizable. And with Parmesan costing

L.A. Restaurant Owners Reveal What Customers Just Love to Steal

Hailey Eber • Los Angeles Magazine • February 3, 2020

Since Caitlin and Daniel Cutler opened Ronan in September 2018, the couple estimates that they’ve lost about half of the bar glasses at their Fairfax shared-plates spot. The culprit isn’t clumsy servers but, rather, klepto customers. “People want to

Instagram A post shared by RONAN (@ronan_la) on Nov 24, 2018 at 2:32pm PST A brazen party of four once walked into Ronan, ordered four tiki cocktails, promptly poured the drinks into their water glasses and made off with the festive cups as souvenirs

New L.A. women's restaurant group shows support with festival

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • December 22, 2020

Provisions, Kismet, Porridge + Puffs, Socalo, Meals by Genet and Ronan. RE:Her plans to host a 10-day festival in January to coincide with the anniversary of the Women’s March on Jan. 21. “All these women are heroes to me,” Prince said. "I'm so touched to be