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101 Best Restaurants in L.A.: the Hall of Fame

Bill Addison, Patricia Escárcega, Brian Park • Los Angeles Times • December 12, 2019

, or the tostaditos, mini tostadas paved with a marlin pâté and layers of minced shrimp and octopus. — P.I.E. 3544 W. Imperial Hwy., Inglewood, coniseafood.com (Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times) Dal Rae Dal Rae opened in Pico Rivera in the 1950s, and the

wooden bowl and steak Diane complete with a dramatic glug of brandy set ablaze. Dessert is a pouty Grand Marnier or chocolate soufflé. L.A. is blessed with many throwback restaurants; Dal Rae’s savoir faire and exuberance distinguish it from the pack

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Newsletter: Fanning the retro flames at Pico Rivera's Dal Rae

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • September 21, 2019

“Wait for it,” said Mary Melton, as we stood underneath the space-age sign of the Dal Rae in Pico Rivera. It was just dusk. As we watched, the words “Dining” and “Cocktails” illuminated and the restaurant’s name lit up in red and blue neon as the

. She understood I would appreciate Dal Rae. Friends know I have an affinity for throwback, floor-show dining of a certain era. Or let me say this more plainly: I get off on places that still set food on fire tableside. I’ve been thinking lately about

Review: Sinatra hangout Dear John’s is going out in style

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • June 13, 2019

in Beverly Hills, Dal Rae in Pico Rivera (a bonanza for tableside service if you love that shtick as much as I do): Their cocooned glamour and formal air of service retain a certain vitality — a stubborn counterbalance to our pervasive Southern

Dear John's   

Here's what L.A. dining looks like now

Peter Meehan, Andrea Chang, Garrett Snyder, Bill Addison, Amy Scattergood, Jenn Harris, Lucas Kwan Peterson, Patricia Escárcega, Brian Park • Los Angeles Times • June 13, 2020

customized guacamole mixed with a side of banter. At Dal Rae in Pico Rivera, the trademark Steak Diane for two and the flambeed bananas — both of which were set ablaze on carts so near to customers that flames could singe your eyebrows — now are prepared out

Jonathan Gold's top 10 restaurant dishes of 2014, the alternative edition

Jonathan Gold • Los Angeles Times • January 6, 2015

steak at places like Taylor’s and the Dal Rae, is fairly spectacular: blistered okra, charred stems of broccolini and grilled cabbages, carrots and maybe a beet, laid out on a plank and served with a dunking bowl of ranch dressing. Your brandy old