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Where to eat a traditional Japanese breakfast in Los Angeles

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • January 11, 2020

yogurt or a handful of peanuts. When hunger does call early in the day, I’ve lately been finding my way to Azay, a small Japanese-French restaurant in Little Tokyo that opened a few months ago. Chef-owner Akira Hirose serves bento boxes and soba for lunch

too much food. Azay is one of the few Los Angeles restaurants I know of that serves a traditional Japanese breakfast set — a variation on ichiju sansai, an array that consists of soup, rice and several side dishes — but the meal has been slowly making

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L.A. chefs share their earthquake kit food wish lists

Jenn Harris • Los Angeles Times • June 12, 2021

us!). Advertisement Jo Ann and Akira Hirose, co-owners of Azay We would pick almonds because some people have peanut allergies and this is safer. Also brown rice, a can of sardines, whole wheat pasta, sundried tomatoes, soba noodles, nori, dashi