No. 7: Venison Filet Mignon at Mare Culinary Lounge

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • October 5, 2012
Mare is supposed to be known for its seafood. But you should know by now that Alessandro Pirozzi of Cucina Alessa fame has the golden touch, even with game meats, as it turns out. The venison filet mignon he serves at his newest restaurant, two...
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No. 2: The Asparagus (or Equivalent Stalky Green) With Fried Egg, Prosciutto & Asiago At Three Seventy Common

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Have you gone for the Sunday Socials at Three Seventy Common yet? If you haven't, you should; but if you're still unsure about whether you can commit to the ever-changing prix fixe before you've actually tried something here, just go on any other...

No. 17: Sashimi Sandwich at North Shore Poke Company

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • September 20, 2012
The picture you see above is crappy, and it shows only a quarter cut. The sandwich isn't much to look at anyway. Its appearance isn't important. What's important is that it is possibly the best dish at North Shore Poke Company, which is little...

No. 12: Blowtorch-Seared Mackerel At Izakaya Ku

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • September 27, 2012
The menu said the mackerel would be seared tableside; but I didn't expect the hand-held flamethrower. I admit it:I was nervous. I inched away in my seat a little when the waiter lit it and the thing whooshed like an acetylene torch. We were...

No. 36: Hu Tieu at Pho Crystal Noodle House

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • August 23, 2012
The grime on the windows suggest that Pho Crystal Noodle House has been there on Bristol Street for quite a while–at least as another pho joint. The artifacts of its former life as Pho Bistro is still on an old marquee the landlords hadn't...

No. 35: Carlsbad Aquafarm Oysters at Slapfish

Edwin Goei • OC Weekly • August 24, 2012
If Slapfish only served these oysters and nothing else, it would already justify the restaurant's existence. And co-owners Andrew Gruel and Jethro Naude know how special these babies are. Gruel–who was a program manager of the Aquarium of the...