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Newsletter: The Iranian date cookie that's a gift to Los Angeles

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • November 30, 2019

stamps to create patterns in the dough. Four years ago Nafissi began selling kolompeh on Etsy. Their beautiful shape and soothing flavors swiftly found an audience, and Nafissi established ZoZo Baking. Her retailing has mostly been online, but in

fillings. Fariba Nafissi at her store, Zozo Baking, in Simi Valley. (Bill Addison / Los Angeles Times) Kolompeh command center-stage, fanned out on a large platter. I want to snatch them by the fistful. The stamp gives their round borders a fluted

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Where to eat, buy and learn about dates in Southern California

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • October 9, 2021

dates, nuts and spices — from the first one I tried in 2019. Her shop, Zozo Baking, is in Simi Valley, but it’s also easy to order her sweets online. —Date-filled maamoul are a year-round treat (including the winter holidays), though Levantine Christians

them up in Pasadena. Fariba Nafissi works at her shop, Zozo Baking, in Simi Valley. (Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times) Have a question? Email us. Other stories The big news this week: The Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance requiring proof of