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Tamales Elena y Antojitos is best new L.A. Mexican restaurant

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • October 8, 2020

The pozole verde at Tamales Elena y Antojitos in Bell Gardens is a dish to savor in stages. Start at the baseline, with a spoonful of broth. Maria Elena Lorenzo, matriarch of the family that runs the restaurant, mixes pork and chicken in her pozole

at Tamales Elena y Antojitos, illuminates the Afro-Mexican cooking of Costa Chica, a hilly stretch along the southern coast of the state of Guerrero between Acapulco and the border of Oaxaca. The African heritage among the region’s population is

Tamales Elena y Antojitos   

Tamales Elena y Antojitos Brings Afro-Mexican Cuisine to the L.A. Area

Hailey Eber • Los Angeles Magazine • August 25, 2020

A new restaurant wants to expand Angelenos’ ideas of Mexican food and culture. Tamales Elena y Antojitos, which opened in Bell Gardens in July, specializes in food from the region of Guerrero, and is being hailed as the city’s first Afro-Mexican

12 brand new restaurants with stellar takeout options

Bill Addison • Los Angeles Times • August 27, 2020

Cash, Mezcalero, Chica’s Tacos and Guerrilla Tacos. The family united skills to launch Tamales Elena y Antojitos in Bell Gardens; the menu focuses on regional specialties from southern coastal Guerrero that reflect their Afro Mexican heritage. Tamales

ELENA Y ANTOJITOS Chef Maria Elena Lorenzo and her husband, Juan Irra, have been selling tamales and other dishes in the Watts community for nearly 30 years; their five children have cooked at restaurants across the city, including Rivera, Playa, Petty

Genevieve Ko talks dim sum and Mexican food in the San Gabriel Valley

Patricia Escárcega • Los Angeles Times • October 10, 2020

Milliken and Susan Feniger (Socalo and Border Grill), Nick Montgomery (Konbi), Steve Samson (Rossoblu) and Wes Avila. To register for this free event, please go to eventbrite.com Our stories— My co-critic Bill Addison on why Tamales Elena y Antojitos is L.A