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Take-Out Tip of the Day: Carbonara to Take Home (Quickly) from Pasta Sisters

Hailey Eber • Los Angeles Magazine • May 15, 2020

The carbs keep coming. The Pasta Sisters truck, a beloved lunch option for office workers—including the Los Angeles magazine staff—isn’t currently in operation, but you can still grab its excellent noodles from the original Mid-City store on Pico

can’t eat it right away, carbonara isn’t a great traveler. The bolognese was a 2019 Best of Los Angeles winner, while the Arrabiata is bright, delicious and just spicy enough. Pasta Sisters is available for pickup and delivery on Postmates, or just call

Pasta Sisters   

The Best Things to Eat in L.A. in 2019

Los Angeles magazine • Los Angeles Magazine • July 18, 2019

have to get too fancy to get the best bolognese sauce in the city. Pasta Sisters, the tiny Pico Boulevard noodle shop that branched out to Culver City last year, serves up a delicious rendition for just $12.50. Slowly cooked for eight hours, it’s rich